Beautiful People

Since, I’ve lived in California I’ve had several visitors that I like to call beautiful people. With each visit and smile it makes me feel special, loved and appreciated. So to these people I thank you…

Every time I have a visitor my goal is to do something new with them. Something that we have both never done. I dislike the thought of repeating the exact same itinerary over and over. For me each guest visit is different and special in its own way. So, I plan on making it that way for them.

Jale was the first familiar face I’d seen in six month since my arrival in California and it felt good to see her. Though her visit was brief with me we enjoyed each others company. We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco and caught up with each others lives. Seeing her was comforting and pleasant.

Andrea was my second visitor and I was so excited that I put heaps of emphasis on having fun. I planned and I planned. After all, she was coming for Thanksgiving break and I had to make it memorable. The schedule that I made was so jam packed that my friend Melissa inquired when we would eat or have restroom breaks… I don’t think I really tallied in much time for those things. So, when my sister arrived I had to remove some activities from the schedule. For Andrea’s visit I took her around Oakland to places I frequented and tried to let her enjoy the things that I loved about the city. For example, the people, music, art, food, nightlife and the places. I gave her a tour of the Cathedral of Christ the Light, JackLondon and to complete the day We relaxed at Lake Merritt. In the following days we went to Alcatraz, the rooftop garden, the Wax Museum and Ripples Believe It or Not. Where believe it or not I took some awesome pictures of Andrea dancing.

Thanksgiving was a small gathering in which we all cooked, ate, drank and laughed. It was my first time making a thanksgiving meal without my mother and I wanted to cook everything! Melissa had to remind me that it was only four of us and that I should calm down. So, I did and We enjoyed thanksgiving together. When my sister’s visit was over I was delighted that she was here and that I got to spend Thanksgiving with her. I love my sister.

The time for my parents arrival came swiftly. I was even more excited about this. After all, I hadn’t seen them in almost a year. Upon their arrival I had dinner cooked and the house cleaned with everything in order and of course a bottle of wine on deck for my father. We spent a relaxing first night together eating, talking and laughing. The following morning we ran Lake Merritt which is approximately 3.2 miles. Our adventures took us to places like Sacramento where we went go karting and Big Sur where it is said that God and land meet. In addition, we explored Muir Woods which was absolutely phenomenal as we got to gaze upon the tallest trees in the world. We also visited Lombard st, China town, fisherman’s Warf, Golden Gate Bridge and much more. In all, their vist was amazing and top it all off they got me a new camera lens which was certainly a pleasant surprise.

Annie’s visit followed in the beginning of March. I was still excited even though I had just seen her the month before. She came and I made sure to plan accordingly. We went go karting in SF, rockclimbing in El Cerrito, playd arcade games, did the 7D experience. We are both very competitive so for the most part it was always a race or competition to see who would win. We also, experienced amazing pizza from Zackary’s! Which if any of you visit California you must have it. We then proceeded to soak in culture at the MOMA which is one of the popular place for art and culture. At the end Annie and I both had a great time.

In conclusion, I realize that its not about how many things you can jam into a schedule but what you do, how you do it and who you do it with that makes it special. Most of the time my visitors and I end up just relaxing and enjoying each other company. I’ve enjoyed all the visits and will always cherish them. And if those visits weren’t enough I have more beautiful people coming to visit me. For instance, Besi and Tania in June which is sure to be an adventure.


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This is My Time


This year I’m all about the new and doing whatever makes me happy. Every year since I was in college I’ve made it a mission to work on some aspect of my life; this year is about seizing more opportunities! In the past years, I’ve focused on community service, reading, traveling, fitness and positivity. I believe that it is essential to improve ourselves and to focus on how to enjoy life to the fullest. So here I am in the year 2013 looking for opportunities and taking them as soon as I can. No hesitation, not this year. Hence, doing Tai Chi, Zumba, electric run, snowboarding, surfing and whatever else my heart so desires. As the title of the post says THIS IS MY TIME and I think it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what life has to offer because I am young and have the time and energy to do these things. In all, I’m very excited about this year and the opportunities that I will be seizing.

Cali Is The Mission

To be honest, when I first thought of moving to California I was unafraid and if I had any doubt it was at the back of my mind. Eventually as I began to tell my friends and family about the move people began to throw doubt my way. Even though it was not intentional it happened. I heard things like “aren’t you afraid?”,”you have no family and you’re going across the country!”, “that’s so far”, “I couldn’t do it” “you are brave” and so on. Consequently, it began to sink in and I became scared and nervous of the unknown. Even though that was the case I knew I had to go, to do it, to try, I had to dare myself. And so I did. I arrived in Cali on January 25th 2012 at the age of 21. Starting grad school and a new chapter in my life. A chapter of self discovery.

Moving to Cali was a chance to experience sometime different, and to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It was a choice that I made because I wanted something different in life. It also reminded me of Trinidad because of the palm trees, hummingbirds and mountains. Even though I was away from home I was still able to feel at home thanks to the atmosphere that surrounded me. Life is amazing.

Adventure In My Veins

As a child my parents would often take my sibling and I to beaches, waterfalls, national monuments, hiking and camping. I learned to love adventure as a result of those experiences and because of the stories my father told me as a child about his travels and adventures. As I grew older adventure followed. Going to camp was an amazing opportunity because I was first introduced to learning archery, canoeing and zip lining. I loved the outdoors and when I was 15 I had the opportunity to go on Outward Bound sailing expedition. Where, I learned to sail, rock climb and learned the importance of reflection. I was amazed by these adventures at the time and still am. But, my true adventures didn’t start until I caught the travel bug. At the age of 16 I joined People to People on a trip to the United Kingdom. This is where I first learned that I could travel to multiple countries and that it was wiser to do so. After that adventure I can honestly say I was hooked on traveling. I began planning for my next adventure and it was all I wanted to talk about. So much that, whenever I told a story I wanted it to be great. After all, I love a good story especially when its told with excitement and enthusiasm. So when I tell stories I try to add some style and flair. In all, I hope you enjoy my story.